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favourite Nirvana song!

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Top: Nirvana shirt i ripped up; Flannel Shirt: Bardot; Shorts: One teaspoon 

For the past few days i have been re-reading one of my favourite coffee table books. The book is an illustrated biography of Kurt Cobain, called "Cobain Unseen" by Charles R. Cross. I should probably let you all know now that i am a massive fan of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. The biography includes photographs and art work by Kurt that many people have never seen before, and the personal notes from his diary... the dude was deep, and also very troubled.

It turns out that finding grunge runway pictures from the 90's is pretty much impossible. I really wanted to include pictures of the 1993 spring collections by Anna Sui, and Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis. I did however find both their collections including Oscar de la Renta's in one youtube video, check it out HERE. They introduced the whole Grunge fashion scene that was influenced a lot by the music and youth of the early 90's. Nirvana perhaps not only changed the music scene, but also inspired many designers at the time.  So this post is the outcome of my sudden "grunge inspiration", it's very different to my usual style, but you gotta mix it up sometimes. Enjoy!!

Also just want to extend a big thank you to Laila at EnvySplendour for the feature, go check out her blog if you haven't already!


I shall call it "My knight in shining armour Clutch!"

I fell in love yesterday... with a clutch. I went to the shops yesterday to simply pick up a replacement phone, i accidentally placed my blackberry in a little pool of water on my friends bathroom counter (may have been slightly intoxicated at the time... oops!). Anyway, I had no intention of shopping as i had just had to spend $200 to get a replacement phone. So the insurance i pay every month doesn't even cover liquid damage, ridiculous! urgghh! Yepp, just a little annoyed! Moving on, i saw this clutch in the Witchery department in David Jones and thought it was the cutest thing ever! What made my day even better was that this little bundle of joy was marked down with the christmas sales, BONUS!! Looks very medieval doesn't it? Love it!! :)


Sheer Maxi

Salvatore Ferragamo Spring11 ready-to-wear

i Want, i want! My love for all things maxi continues with sheer maxi dresses and skirts. Sheer maxi's are too cute! not sure if i could pull the look off but it sure looks amazing on Abbey Lee, don't you think?! hmmm i'm thinking i need to get my hands on a sheer maxi and give it a go, now just have to find one! Sheer designs were also displayed in Salvatore Ferragamo's Spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection.



Blindsided- Bon Iver

One of my mum's lovely sunflowers, she's a massive green thumb!
Meet my little dog Doris (named after the very talented Doris Day), she is the laziest dog you will ever meet who also thinks she's human! 
Dress: Tree of Life; Hat: Miss Shop; Bag: Coach Vintage; Boots: Spell

Yesterday was a great, great day for many reasons. Firstly i didn't have to work and it wasn't raining!! I haven't mentioned it much on here (once i think) but for the past few months it has pretty much been raining non-stop, which is weird because Queensland is suppose to be the sunshine state? Anyhow my joy abruptly disappeared when my dad ever so rudely threw a package on my still half-asleep form (not nice dad!). Nevertheless all was good again once i found out the package was my Pocahontas warrior boots from Spell in Byron Bay. So of course i had to try them on, and when i say try them on i really mean i didn't take them off all day haha!


Anna Sui Spring 2011

To put it simply Anna Sui, you are my hero. Denim, florals, lace, leather, feathers, beads, flowing materials and a mixture of patterns, some of my favourite combinations put together in this adorable ready-to-wear Spring 2011 collection. I don't think there is one piece that i am not impressed (i actually mean in LOVE!) with. I had a great deal of difficulty trying to decide what pictures to use on here but i think the above pictures embody her collection quite well. You can view the rest of the collection by Anna Sui on her website HERE, you won't be disappointed!

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All i want for christmas is...

Not your ordinary leather bag, tooled leather bags are so much more unique! Lately i have been obsessing over anything leather that is tooled (that sounds kinda funny!). I found these bags on esty HERE, aaanddd pretty sure i want them all! These bags are works of art showing amazing craftmanship. LOVEEE LOVE LOVEE IT!

Blog lovinnn



Erdem Spring Summer 2011

So much lace! i'm lovin it!!
Check out more of the S/S 2011 collection HERE


Hear my train a comin'

i love jimi. i really really do (it's an obsession, just quietly). The guy was such a passionate musician. I've spent this rainy sunday afternoon hitting up youtube videos of Jimi just shredding it up live. Not only was his music damn good but the guy had style too! ohh the things i would do to raid his closet... hmmm a girl can dream. ☮

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Maxi skirts are love

i originally posted this outfit as my first outfit post on the previous blog that i pretty much neglected. SO here it is again :) I was so happy about finding the maxi skirt and the vintage coach bag at op shops not too far away from where i live. They were both under $8! KAA-CHING!


Goddess of Babylon

I stumbled upon the goddess of Babylon website a few days ago and fell in love straight away! The S/S 11 collection is aahh-mazing! Feathers, sequins, rings, flowing materials, need i say more!! The pieces are very boho-chic with so much attention to detail in each item. I was even more delighted when I discovered that designer Chantel Barber is an Aussie! Go check out the online store HERE, you won’t be dissapointed!



Just thought i would kick off this blog with a cool tune by Toro Y Moi "Leave Everywhere". I'm lovin it! it's a perfect song to just kick back to and has a sweet summer vibe to it (well i think so!) anywhooo that's all for now!