Purple Suede Shoes.

Kimono: Spell; Tee: cotton on; Cut offs: One Teaspoon; Suede&Leather Bag: Thrifted; Wedges: Jeffery Campbell

Not too long ago i did a post on purple suede shoes and how much i was determined to find the perfect pair! Wellll i did! I came across these amazing purple suede Jeffery Campbell's on sole struck and ordered them immediately! They are surprisingly easy to work with, money very well spent i think. I'm also loving this kimono, i bought it from Spell down in Byron Bay, the lovely ladies even sent me a text message to make sure it was okay to send it to me due to the crazy ass flooding that was going on! Safe to say once again i am a very satisfied customer! Today i also discovered my older brother is quite an awesome photographer! Thanks bro!



Just some beautiful images from the little doe is love 2010 collection. I'm wanting to be where ever this was shot right now!


Gillian Zinser

pics via TFS

WOW, it feels like forever since i have been on blogger! I have missed reading my lovely blogger friends posts and posting on my own blog! The past few weeks have been anything but calm, it's hard to believe it's still only the first month of the year, SO much has happened already! I'm hoping that January isn't any indication on how the rest of the year will play out cause if it is i may need a year long holiday next year! pheeww! Anywhooo at the moment i can't get enough of this girl, Gillian Zinser! She is an actor on 90210, a show which i don't happen to watch but i think her personal style is aaahh-mazing! Gillian, can you please give me every item in your closet, kay thanks lovely! so while i pray for her to read this, i'm going to kick  back and get some well earned rest! Hopefully the start of your new year hasn't been as hectic as mine! loooveeee xx



pics via weheartit.com

I love that John Lennon and Yoko Ono were great revolutionists and had great style at the same time! Leather, fur coats, felt wide brim hats, kimono's, trench coats, and the list goes on! The couple were so in love too! what the world needs is more people like lennon and ono! So much inspiration.


Purple Haze

Cowboy boots from esty Here
Just a short post for today, i'm so exhausted from working all weekend and helping clean from the flood, things are slowly getting better here! I can definitely say that i need to work out more, my muscles are in paainn! Any who, I just wanted to share a particularly weird new love of mine, purple suede shoes! i have no idea where this obsession came from but i love it! 
I looooove these cowboy boots they're so unique, i'm just bummed they won't fit my tiny feet! I am determined to find a pair though! I'm interested in knowing what other people think of them, would you wear them or pass on it? I think it'd be quite some fun figuring out what works and what doesn't! Guess i'll have to buy a pair and find out!


Bittersweet Symphony

Felt Hat: Vintage stall; Vest: Neon Hart; Top: Ladakh; Shorts: One teaspoon
Thank you all so, so much for your kind words and support, it does mean a lot! I'm so grateful that my house wasn't affected directly by the floods, however we did lose power and the internet for a while. It's so crazy, the sun is shining and the sky is actually blue today but a few minutes away the surrounding suburbs have been evacuated and are now underwater, it's a bittersweet day. My boss called and told me my work place is underwater, so no working for a few days. There is so much community support going on here with strangers helping other strangers as if they have known them their whole lives, it really makes the heart swell. Later today my mum and i are going to put together some hampers full of clothing, pillows, caned food and other little bits and pieces and drop it off at an evacuation centre near by, it's the best we can do but i'm sure it will be appreciated.

I took advantage of the nice weather and finally got around to doing an outfit post. The hat is the one i found at a vintage clothing stall at sunset sounds! I think i'm slowly becoming a hat person, i've never really worn them in the past but now when i go out all i'm looking for is the perfect hat, this could be bad for my bank account!  Feelin' a bit like my idol Jimi Hendrix in my fringed vest, hmm if only i could play an electric guitar! Enjoy!


Hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

pics via weheartit.com
I really wanted to do an outfit post today but turns out getting motivation to put together an outfit and pose for pictures is a little difficult when the place you live is slowly going underwater, literally. I live in Queensland and lately we've been having a lot of rain (not kidding). I woke up this morning to news of inland tsunami's, flash flooding, and more storms predicted in the state i live in. Many people have lost their lives, and many more are missing. The city i live in (Brisbane) has not been affected yet but we have been warned to prepare for evacuation as the river continues to rise. As i sit and write this i can hear thunder rolling in the distance, gee mother nature you're really being mean. So this post is just a little mood booster/ inspiration, showing some of my favourite images, quotes, and lyrics.

My heart truly goes out to those families who have been affected by the flooding so far. All we can do now is hope for the best, i know i will be!


Topshop is love.

i need these items asap!
available at topshop.com


the things we do for live music.

These gum boots were a must, so thankful i had them!

eeek! it's been a few days since my last post but i have a very good reason as to why i wasn't able to earlier. You see for the past two days i was at a music festival "Sunset Sounds". it was aaahh- mazing! Over the two days my friends and i grooved to the sounds of tame impala, cloud control, the national, boy & bear, joan jett, klaxons, sleigh bells, and cold war kids just to name a few! I love festivals, the atmosphere is always amazing, and even though it poured down rain for both days the turn out was still very big. It's amazing what people go through just to watch some of their favourite artists perform live. I love the fact that people have so much support for musicians and bands that even if its raining and there's lightning in the sky off in the distance you'll keep on singing along to the words you know with your best mates at your side. That right there is living!

for the past month i have desperately been looking for a black felt hat of some sort, and when i say desperately i'm not exaggerating. Somewhere between stumbling through the mud and moshing in the rain i came across a little stall with vintage goodies and found a genuine fur felt hat for $15, i do believe that's fate right there! i'll have to do an outfit post asap and show you guys!


Animal Print Vest

Vest: Small market stall; Playsuit: Bardot; Wedges: Windsor Smith

Today was my day off from work, didn't have anything planned so i just took some outfit photo's. I love this animal print vest, it's so unique. I bought it a while ago from a cute little clothing stall that was set up at market day on my university campus. Silly me forgot the name of it! noooo! I'm pretty sure the guy said that he sets up his stall at a market in the city on sunday mornings so i'll have to go find him again! These wedges are by far the most comfortable pair of heels i own, excellent for partying in all night! Also, you will have to excuse the very crappy quality pictures, haven't quite got the hang of lighting inside and whatnot. 


Maniamania & Bambi

so amazing. 

pics via themaniamania.com

Bambi and maniamania, now that is an amazing combination. Deffs saving up right now for a few maniamania bits and pieces!

Also HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! i hope 2011 brings many great possibilities and successes! my new years resolutions- to stop smoking when i drink (yuckk!), spend my money more wisely, and to continue to be compassionate, something the world needs a lot more of, compassion.