the things we do for live music.

These gum boots were a must, so thankful i had them!

eeek! it's been a few days since my last post but i have a very good reason as to why i wasn't able to earlier. You see for the past two days i was at a music festival "Sunset Sounds". it was aaahh- mazing! Over the two days my friends and i grooved to the sounds of tame impala, cloud control, the national, boy & bear, joan jett, klaxons, sleigh bells, and cold war kids just to name a few! I love festivals, the atmosphere is always amazing, and even though it poured down rain for both days the turn out was still very big. It's amazing what people go through just to watch some of their favourite artists perform live. I love the fact that people have so much support for musicians and bands that even if its raining and there's lightning in the sky off in the distance you'll keep on singing along to the words you know with your best mates at your side. That right there is living!

for the past month i have desperately been looking for a black felt hat of some sort, and when i say desperately i'm not exaggerating. Somewhere between stumbling through the mud and moshing in the rain i came across a little stall with vintage goodies and found a genuine fur felt hat for $15, i do believe that's fate right there! i'll have to do an outfit post asap and show you guys!


  1. Sounds like an amazing time. They don't really have events like that in my area :( What a great find and story behind it. Yes, it sounds like fate to me :)

    Sarah Jane R.

  2. Very jealous looks like great fun! :D

    X Laila - EnvySplendour