Blindsided- Bon Iver

One of my mum's lovely sunflowers, she's a massive green thumb!
Meet my little dog Doris (named after the very talented Doris Day), she is the laziest dog you will ever meet who also thinks she's human! 
Dress: Tree of Life; Hat: Miss Shop; Bag: Coach Vintage; Boots: Spell

Yesterday was a great, great day for many reasons. Firstly i didn't have to work and it wasn't raining!! I haven't mentioned it much on here (once i think) but for the past few months it has pretty much been raining non-stop, which is weird because Queensland is suppose to be the sunshine state? Anyhow my joy abruptly disappeared when my dad ever so rudely threw a package on my still half-asleep form (not nice dad!). Nevertheless all was good again once i found out the package was my Pocahontas warrior boots from Spell in Byron Bay. So of course i had to try them on, and when i say try them on i really mean i didn't take them off all day haha!

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  1. I love those boots! Very bohemian chic! Love this free spirited look!

    Sarah Jane R.