Gillian Zinser

pics via TFS

WOW, it feels like forever since i have been on blogger! I have missed reading my lovely blogger friends posts and posting on my own blog! The past few weeks have been anything but calm, it's hard to believe it's still only the first month of the year, SO much has happened already! I'm hoping that January isn't any indication on how the rest of the year will play out cause if it is i may need a year long holiday next year! pheeww! Anywhooo at the moment i can't get enough of this girl, Gillian Zinser! She is an actor on 90210, a show which i don't happen to watch but i think her personal style is aaahh-mazing! Gillian, can you please give me every item in your closet, kay thanks lovely! so while i pray for her to read this, i'm going to kick  back and get some well earned rest! Hopefully the start of your new year hasn't been as hectic as mine! loooveeee xx


  1. Love her California Boho style. So laid back but fashionable.

  2. I love her bohemian style. I have been leaning towards a more bohemian look mixed with preppy and rocker lol. I guess I'm a tad eclectic lol.this year has been crazy so far for me as well. Hopefully next month will be more chill.

    Sarah Jane R.

  3. LOVE her style! - surfer sexy :)

    X Laila - EnvySplendour

  4. I love her style and I also love how she embraces her natural hair - doesn't look too perfect and overdone, but absolutely gorgeous.


    PS Following you!


  5. wow her style in and out of the show is the pretty much the same :D

  6. thank you thank you thank you.